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Dale Earnhardt Jr 2015 #88 Skull NASCAR Replica Helmet Scale 1:1


Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s matte black helmet features some seriously intense graphics. The design includes a bunch of silver skulls piled on top of each other and several blue and white Nationwide logos.


Full Scale Replica Helmets are NOT Snell rated. The helmet can be use for Karting, motorcycling or just for exhibition.

Each helmet is an exact Replica of the helmet used by the driver at a certain Grand Prix event.

Production Time: Please allow between 10 to 15 business days.


* Helmet material: Build on Fiberglass.

* Finishing: Triple Lacquer Protection.

* Painting: Resistant Polyurethane Paints.

* Visor: Polycarbonate 3mm.

* Interior: Fully Padded.

* Weight: Aprox 1.9kg.

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