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Michael Johnson Helmet Design


Stilo ST5

Michael needed a helmet that could represent speed and action. So, we designed a helmet with lots of stripes, divisions, different techniques used in many areas and bright colors like red, orange, silver and black. We tried to achieve contrast with these color combinations as well with pattern and metal flake techniques.

Large areas were covered with silver metal flake and some matte clear sprayed over the black parts. Silver colors faded from light to dark, and some accent colors of orange and red. We tried to be carefull with the use a special pattern so as not to over charge the design. That´s why we used it faded away in certain areas. The design has a lot going on but at the same time it is clean and straight forward.

It has a lot of forward and rearward facing points that illustrate speed, it has a series of layers of fades from white to black, and it has multiple shapes of neon orange that fade from red to orange to yellow, all topped off with a light baby blue pin stripe.

We even did a pearl white with matte clear sprayed over all the white and black parts of the helmet, wanted to have a lot of crispness to this design with sharp lines, white highlights, and contrast with the neon red against the white and black chrome.

Sprayed some thinned out black candy over the chrome to give it a slightly darker appearance and shot some silver metal flake on top of that to give the helmet some luster in the sun. 

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